Establishing and managing the sequence of a series of events necessary for enhancing workplace effectiveness, maintaining the design intent, achieving sustainability goals, managing the financial budget, and meeting the schedule. This process is often conducted with close collaboration amongst the client or its representative, the design team, and the contractor, such that all parties are intimately focused on accomplishing all points of the sequence.
DCI has established itself as a leader within the commercial real estate community by delivering reliable feasibility studies, project budgets and schedules to the parties involved in lease negotiations. This information is essential for the deal makers to maintain the utmost confidence in their economic models; thereby, arming the team to make the best business transaction for their client. These services include touring existing or proposed premises for remodels or full build from shell; offering conceptual budgeting for tenant or capital improvements; defining realistic occupancy schedules; work letter review, consultation and negotiation; and conceptual scope definition. 
DCI feels that any project in which the team invests quality time pre-planning and understanding the overall project will result in smooth execution with a high quality product. This process requires digging into the constructability and logistics of the scope, and gaining a full understanding of the client’s desired end result, much of which is accomplished by asking the right questions. DCI emphasizes a full team commitment when the project is in its conceptual stage.

Components included in the preconstruction efforts include:

    • Comprehensive budget processes
    • Project estimating
    • Value engineering
    • Site selection & feasibility
    • Project scheduling
    • Product research and recommendations
    • Cost segregation & life-cycle costing
    • Multi-dimensional Building Information Modeling (BIM)
    • Forecasting based on historic experience
General contractor and architect are engaged as one entity by the owner in which the GC takes the lead to deliver a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) to the owner. This model best suits new construction that is highly time sensitive and that requires a collaborated effort to establish a budget early in the process.
This delivery method allows an owner to interview and select a fee based firm, based on qualifications, reputation and experience, before the design and bidding phase, allowing for direct cost and constructability feedback. The GC/CM delivers a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) to the owner based upon a competitive subcontractor bidding process. This method is best used for large new or renovation projects that are schedule sensitive, difficult to define, or subject to changes in scope.
As dedicated San Francisco / Bay Area general contractors, our overarching aim is to ensure that each project we undertake is completed on time and within budget, and that every last detail is accounted for. At DCI, we strive to identify and research potential pitfalls, budget hurdles, code-compliance issues, material shortages, or any other potential slowdowns prior to issuing the financial terms of the project. DCI construction ensures that all specific needs are addressed, and all project details are accounted for, before determining the timeline and deliverables of the final project. This ensures that no important elements or features are left un-addressed.
DCI’s strong financial statement reassures the client that any potential warranty work will be performed without question. Maintaining a strong reputation is paramount to the long-lasting success of DCI construction; this reputation cannot be upheld with anything less than full satisfaction and attention to quality workmanship and any product or material warranties.